Toby Hecht

April 25, 2008

Wow, long time since I visited this site…well ’07 was a busy year.  Someone just reintroduced me to Toby Hecht and his site the Aji network. Toby is a consulting associate who has been doing great work in educating people with distinctions in wisdom and ethics in a business context and offering the tools to dramatically increase your profits. 

Here are a couple things I want to share from his site to give you a flavor of his work…

            “Either a person accumulates knowledge and power to take care of their financial concerns and live a good life, or the market place determines their possibilities and they become marginalized, often without even realizing it.” 

“For people with uncommon financial and quality of life ambitions, common knowledge and common sense are the problem, not the solution. Only uncommon knowledge and uncommon sense enables a person to have the competitive advantage, identity, autonomy and organization necessary to succeed. (Living a good life with an income in the top 5% – $150,000 to 0.01% – $3,600,000 is uncommon.)

“This excerpt is a “First Talk” about ambition. Personal ambition is a fundamental skill of accumulating uncommon power for producing competitive advantage, identities of trust and value, autonomy and a powerful organization. Ambition produces action. It makes powerful choices possible. It is a narrative that brings forth moods of passion, assessments of situations and action, strategies and tactics, and skill.”

Check out Toby’s work,  I highly recommend it.

7 Responses to “Toby Hecht”

  1. GN,
    You have a blog.
    It would be best if it resided on your domain though for SEO purposes.

    • GN, You have a blog. It would be best if it resided on your domain though for SEO purposes.

      Why? I hear all this stuff about blogs, but no one can tell me specificly what the advantage is, if any

      So I ask you again

  2. Chauncey Says:

    Get back to work.
    You started blogging.

  3. OP: I could be daff (lord knows I have been told lol) but you made absolutely no sense what so ever…

  4. lNdKiI I am getting married on the 15th of November. Congratulate me! Then will be here rarely..

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