What’s Up with Toyota?

January 21, 2007

Has anyone read the latest issue of “Fast Company” with the 8 page article on Toyotas Georgetown plant?  The author Charles Fishman makes some really great points about how they do what they do, and why many other companies are missing the point.  But before I get into the really good stuff,  I have to say I am equally impressed with the fact that they are dominating the industry and opening new plants, while Ford and GM have layed off 46,000 workers just in 06, and will be closing 26 north american factories in the next five years.  Does that get your attention?  It does mine.  So does that fact that Georgetown is making a car every 27 seconds, 2000 cars a day, while continuosly making improvements to the line.  Its the continous improvement thats really amazing; “always improving the process by which they improve all the other processes”.  So how do you have a whole company gather together to maintain that kind of commitment and focus?  This is the question everyone is asking and the answer is right there for all to see.   Fishman in the last few paragraphs speaks of “the typical all-to-american approach to improvement efforts being episodic, goal oriented, special, as if there is some plateau to get to”… meanwhile Toyota is doing it every single day, in every single department.  They do it on their own.  Toyota has found a way to enjoy the process of continuous improvment.   Fishman sums it up with a moment of Zen in saying “Once you realize its the process itself, you can relax”, doing the task and doing the task better become one and the same thing”, ” this is what it means to come to work”

One Response to “What’s Up with Toyota?”

  1. Richard Paris Says:

    Kind of amazing what a little love will do.

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