The future is coming Fast!

July 15, 2006

I just read Neil Gershenfelds book – FAB, the coming revolution on your desktop – from personal computers to personal fabrication. Its about the work that MIT is doing to create the means for anyone to create almost anything you want.  In fact, thats the name of the course they offer.  Your probably thinking “whats that got to do with construction”?  Everything.  Think about the fact that computers have evolved from monolithic mainframes to handhelds and imagine the same process of evolution for builders.  Most certainly the people we call cutomers will be taking a much larger role in the design and construction of their own homes.  Page 106 says they are already designing from physical scale models that converts cordinates directly to digital data using three dimisional scanners.  Engineering software then fills in the supporting mechanical and infra-structural services, and the resulting files get electronicly mailed to all respective parties.  Since everyone builds from the exact same specifications, human error is reduced to 0, which speeds delivery times.  Amazing… 

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