May 18, 2006

    Welcome.  This is an invitation for you to join me exploring the current ideas and practices we use every day in business.  What I want to poke into and begin to challenge are those traditions handed down for the sake of tradition. In the process of this inquiry,  I hope to inspire some new ways of looking at how we conduct ourselves in business, how we communcate with each other, how we pass information, and how we manage each other.  And I think the best way to do this is by inviting any concerned about it into a conversation. 

None of us are smart as all of us –  “Old Japanese Proverb”

    I think that by exploring questions about building ethical and effective human business practices we can come to a much greater understanding for what that might look like, how we might go about making this happen in very practical and effecient ways, and what some of the obstacles are standing in our way.  I belong to one professional association, and attend several others.   I know I am not alone in the feeling and desire to improve current practices.  The question of what is really going to allow us to take new ground as a whole, as a community, will obviously not come from just one conversation, nor one single individual. 




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